For over 30 years, ACCIONA Cultura has created culturally transformative projects that generate memorable experiences for the public thanks to cutting-edge innovation and creativity striving to generate a positive impact on the planet.

The rapidly changing cultural landscape makes the creation of a Museums & Innovation Conference more necessary than ever. Through this gathering, ACCIONA Cultura wants to promote the exchange of ideas and creative experiences, as well as the unveiling of innovative strategies and solutions to enrich the cultural sector and all the professionals in it.

ACCIONA Cultura is a cultural production firm that specializes in the creation and delivery of museums, events, and new media experiences.

ACCIONA Cultura crafts unique experiences that transcend the ordinary, pushing the boundaries and exploring new perspectives. Through cutting-edge technology and storytelling, they take people on a journey that ignites curiosity and wonder.

ACCIONA Cultura is part of the ACCIONA Group, a global company leading the transition towards a low-carbon economy by addressing some of the planet’s most pressing challenges through sustainable infrastructure solutions. ACCIONA aims to contribute to the foundations of a prosperous society and ensure public welfare.

ACCIONA Cultura develops events with a conscious approach, inspiring to leave a mark on people, not on the planet. From choosing the venue to incorporating the latest technology, they aim to ensure that every aspect aligns with our sustainable values. ACCIONA Cultura, are promoters of culture and sustainable creativity.

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